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About Us

Are you ready to franchise your business? Are you searching for a trusted team who will guide you through the entire franchising process. Then, without skipping a beat, continue helping you navigate franchise sales, franchise operations, franchise systems and franchise marketing. Since 2009, SMB has helped over 200 brands turn into franchise. We have held executive level positions at established brands but remember being part of a start up system. We really get to know your business, how it works and provide insight to help you develop your franchise company - leading franchise owners to join you in your brand.


Whether just starting out as a franchise, looking to take your franchise to the next level, or as an established concept looking for the next big thing, franchise brands need advisors who have their backs. In order to properly evaluate where your brand stands in its lifeline, SMB performs an in-depth brand assessment. Our experienced team combs through your brand’s assets to ensure you are telling the right story with the right systems, processes and execution.

SMB Franchise Advisors has in-depth capabilities to provide assistance across all facets of your business. Whether it is franchise sales and development, operations or financial services, we have the core competencies to help you execute your plan to drive franchise growth.

Franchise Sales &

  • Strategic Planning
  • Franchise Disclosure Document Review
  • Sales and Marketing Program Assessments
  • Lead Generation Marketing Strategy
  • Franchise Sales Training
  • Outsourced Franchise Sales
  • Franchise Marketing Materials
  • Franchise Sales Brochures
  • Booth Design
  • Web Site Development
  • Real Estate Criteria and Site Evaluation
  • Design Criteria Manuals
  • Franchise Convention Speaker
  • Franchise Recruitment


  • Franchise Training Standards
  • Compliance Development and Implementation
  • Development and Creation of Operation Manuals
  • Training Program Development
  • Franchisee Relations
  • Franchisee Support Systems Assessment
  • Convention and Business Meeting Planning
  • Franchisee Advisory Council Development
  • Franchise Market Studies
  • Franchisee Validation Studies
  • Rewrite and Update Existing Operations and Training Manuals

Financial Services

  • Assistance for Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Benefits Consulting, Administration and Outsourcing
  • Risk Management
  • Business Succession Planning
  • Design/Implementation of Accounting Systems and Procedures
  • Accounting Staff Development and Management
  • Financial Performance Representation Analysis and Preparation
  • Profitability, Variance and Trend Analysis
  • Internal Controls
  • Assessment of Business Financing Needs
  • Budget Preparation and Monitoring

Our Team

The members of the SMB team have been recognized as innovative, proven leaders in both business growth and execution. That is what SMB Franchise Advisors can do for your business:

  • Increase the knowledge.
  • Leverage the experience.
  • Strengthen the relationships.
  • Steve Beagelman

    President & CEO

    Steve Beagelman

    President & CEO
  • Ed Gaubert

    CFO & Finance Strategist

    Ed Gaubert

    CFO & Finance Strategist
  • Joanne Hoyer

    Dir. of Franchise Development

    Joanne Hoyer

    Director of Franchise Development
  • Dawn Abbamondi

    Marketing & Brand Development

    Dawn Abbamondi

    Marketing & Brand Development
  • Colette Bell

    Dir. of Business Development

    Colette Bell

    Director of Business Development
  • David Stein

    Franchising Licensing Manager

    David Stein

    Franchising Licensing Manager
  • Fern Piazza

    Market Research & Real Estate

    Fern Piazza

    Market Research & Real Estate
  • Bob Silzle

    COO & Operations Strategist

    Bob Silzle

    COO & Operations Strategist
  • Harry D. Loyle

    Senior Advisor & Board Member

    Harry D. Loyle

    Senior Advisor & Board Member
  • Larry Barto

    Real Estate Manager

    Larry Barto

    Real Estate Manager
  • Ken Moran

    VP Operations & COO

    Ken Moran

    VP Operations & COO
  • Frank Closurdo

    Brand Strategist

    Frank Closurdo

    Brand Strategist


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We found that we were challenged on the franchise development side of our business. We needed an experienced outside person to help us make sense of what was happening. Steve and his team quickly came to understand both our business and our personnel and that understanding was evident in the results. We have implemented his team's suggestions and have found improvement at all levels. Joseph Schumacher, CEO - Goddard Systems

Lawn Doctor was fortunate enough to retain SMB Franchise Advisors to assist us in the evaluation of our internal processes and resources. Steve and his team are seasoned franchise executives with a unique chemistry and skill set mix that added value well beyond the original project scope. They know franchising inside and out and took the time necessary to fully understand the key drivers in our business model in order to make the most relevant recommendations. SMB goes a step further in that they can assist you in the implementation of the solutions they propose. If you are looking for an outside resource to give you a competitive edge, SMB Franchise Advisors can help. Scott D. Frith, CEO - Lawn Doctor, Inc.

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