Get Ready to Franchise

At SMB Franchise Advisors, we work with small and medium sized business owners to assist them in franchising as way to grow their brand. From providing expert industry advice and insights to making introductions to the right people and resources, we act as a trusted partner along every step of the journey. We are committed to setting you up for success by providing you with all the necessary tools, partners, and resources you’ll need to prepare your business for franchising.

franchise preparation

Where are you in your company’s growth plan?

At a crossroad and wondering…

Is it better to open a new location (launch a new territory) investing in additional company owned operations or create a franchise from your concept? Franchising may have a similar time and financial investment. It is well worth learning more.

Or believing franchising is the next step…

Make sure you are prepared! We can help you evaluate your business to make sure you are on the right path. If you have clear goals to expand your business, it’s never too early to get started with franchise preparation.

We support you in three key areas:

  • Model – Is there opportunity in franchising?
  • Brand – Is it unique – will it stand out against industry leaders in franchising?
  • Financials – Is your support sustainable from projections of royalties, a marketing and brand fund, and technology fees?

Start with our Readiness Assessment below. Our team will be in touch to set up a complimentary consultation where we will discuss your goals, current business operations, and a plan of action for preparing your franchise for launch.

Industry Network

Connect With Vetted Professionals on Every Level

Legal & FDD Development

SMB partners with the best attorneys in the industry to help franchisors navigate agreements, prepare franchise disclosure documents (FDDs), advise them on common and uncommon risks.

Technology, POS, Payment Systems & Operational CRMs

SMB connects franchisors with technology and operational companies to help franchisors maximize efficiency, nurture customer relationships, and spur sales.

Sales: FSOs & Brokers

SMB connects franchisors with knowledgeable consultants, sales agents, and brokers to help match our clients with franchising opportunities that align with their goals.

Lead Management, CRMs & Franchise Administration

SMB partners with lead management experts to help franchisors keep track of agreements, territories, communications, leads, and opportunities to better support their employees and customers while attracting new leads.

Financial & Accounting

SMB connects franchisors with accomplished financial and accounting professionals who specialize in audits, tax preparation, and financial statements in the franchising industry.

Learning Management

SMB connects franchisors with learning management software companies to develop digestible, enjoyable, educational content to empower new and current franchisees; scale brands; and maintain consistent business cycles.

Marketing, PR, Digital, SEO & Web Development

SMB connects franchisors with agencies that amplify franchisors’ digital presence, identifying the best marketing channels, and creating compelling campaigns that resonate with their target audience.

Franchise Funding & Private Equity

SMB partners with passionate investors to help our clients launch and grow their businesses with franchise funding and private equity.