April 17, 2023

5 Hidden Benefits of Networking You Must Consider

SMB Franchise Advisors highly values the connections created and fostered with clients, industry colleagues and the expansive franchising community – so much so, we call them the “SMB Franchise Family”. As a business professional, chances are you know just how valuable networking can be for you and your brand; but, here are a few things you may not have thought about.

1.Win-win: networking expands your own network and helps others.

Whether it is connecting other business professionals to individuals you know with prior experience in the field, or sharing your own insight with another business owner, having connections and forming new ones can be extremely beneficial. SMB clients are great at connecting within our SMB Franchise Family, and certainly know the value of a strong relationship.

2. Sharing your insights with others also allows for reflection on your own successes.

As you make new connections and meet new people, sharing both your expertise and your experiences helps you to remember all that you have accomplished with your brand. This in and of itself can be rewarding, sometimes you just need to remember how far you have come in your brand development.

3. Networking can help you find professional and personal opportunities. 

There are so many great opportunities for your brand and your professional role by fostering a new relationship in the industry. This can be franchisees, employees or suppliers. Yet, sometimes, we fail to realize how often that professional connections can become personal friendships as well. Be sure to get out of your comfort zone, because those potential business opportunities can enhance your own personal growth.

4. Opportunities for inspiration.

Talking amongst like-minded individuals and industry professionals provides the opportunity for sharing ideas. Whether you are the one receiving advice or providing advice, you are able to hear or offer a new perspective that can spark inspiration. We find that collaboration is always helpful in the creative process.

5. FOMO is real – go check out events so you don’t miss out on the fun!

In the years following the pandemic, interacting with other people in-person is more valuable than ever. Remember to get out there and enjoy the time we spend together in person. Sharing ideas and talking with other professionals – and the people we now call our friends or our family – is priceless. Whether it is attending conferences, expos, or networking events, be sure to help encourage connections that provide others with access to professional development. You may just be introduced to someone new and have the opportunity to make a strong connection leading to something completely amazing.