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Your Dedicated Franchise Partner

Founded in 2023, Stadium Ventures is a first of its kind venture capital fund committed to driving innovation and growth for franchisors led by industry veterans with extensive experience at the intersection of franchising and venture capital.

Our mission is to grow successful franchise brands and drive sustainable growth by capitalizing on emerging market opportunities and empowering entrepreneurs through strategic investments and advisory engagements.

Your Dedicated Franchise Partner

Unleash the Power
of Franchising

Unlock the potential of your brand by scaling with the best in the franchise industry



With SMB Franchise Advisors, we have worked with over 500 brands for over 15 years




Benefit from our industry viewpoints, experience dealmaking, and the visibility we lend to your brand




“It’s All About the Relationship!” We open the right doors at the right time to our trusted network


Our Investment Strategy

Explore our focused investment approach and ecosystem of capital and expertise

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Targeted Investments

Selecting promising franchise concepts through a mandate driven approach

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Strategic Partnerships

Collaborating with vendor partners to develop robust growth strategies and optimize operational efficiency

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Value-Additive Approach

Providing industry insights, mentorship, and access to our
extensive network of franchise experts

Investment Strategy

Advisory Services

The market leading advisory services that Stadium Ventures provides portfolio companies guide you towards sustainable growth and profitability as a division of SMB Franchise Advisors.

  1. 1

    Analysis + Financials

    Performing in-depth market research to identify competitive advantages and growth opportunities.

  2. 2

    Operational Optimization

    Streamlining processes, implementing best practices, and maximizing operational efficiencies.

  3. 3

    Marketing + Branding

    Advising on comprehensive marketing strategies and creative campaigns to fuel brand awareness and growth.

  4. 4

    Coaching Senior Leaders

    Seeding franchise company boards, introducing vendor partners, and advising focus groups to plan for the long term.

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