April 4, 2024

Client Spotlight: The Roof Resource

Welcome to our “Client Spotlight,” featuring Mike Harvey of The Roof Resource, a company revolutionizing the roofing industry by simplifying the buying process and delivering significant savings to homeowners. In our interview, Mike shares insights into how virtual consultations have set The Roof Resource apart as the “Netflix of Residential Roofing” and his journey from a modest start to expansive growth through franchising. Partnering with SMB Franchise Advisors has propelled the brand across various states, aiming for a future where they serve tens of thousands annually. Dive into our discussion with Mike as he reveals his vision for disrupting traditional roofing practices and his advice for aspiring franchisors.

SMB Franchise Advisors: In a few sentences, describe what your brand does and what your company is all about.

Mike Harvey, The Roof Resource: We have removed the confusion from the roof buying process and made it simple. We save clients thousands of dollars from their lowest estimate. We offer roofing focused on the homeowner.

SMB: What makes your service/product unique?

Mike: Our homeowners only meet with us via Zoom, so they never have to leave their homes. Our clients do not have to deal with sales pressure or go through a sales presentation. They get their choice of top-quality roofing systems, and we take the time to explain what roofing truly means.

SMB: What inspired you to franchise your business?

Mike: I wanted homeowners to know there is a better way to save thousands. Franchising will help get us into markets faster, converting existing roofing companies into our brand. We say, “The Roof Resource powered by (their roofing company name).” This allows them to offer great savings over the country. For me, it’s not about money—it’s about serving those homeowners and seeing their smiles as they take the $3,000 or $5,000 that they saved by using The Roof Resource and spending it on a family vacation or other things they need in the home.

SMB: Why did you partner with SMB Franchise Advisors?

Mike: It was Steve. I talked with other franchise consultants and met with their leadership, who franchised many brands. Steve encompassed up-to-date franchise knowledge, the right connections to professionals I would also need, a solid team, and success in franchising himself. Plus, there was a solid understanding of the world of Private Equity and franchising for when the time comes (for an exit).

SMB: How many units did you have before SMB? How many units have you grown to since partnering with SMB?

Mike: I had nothing—just myself and 1 employee in my basement. Now, we have awarded over 50% of the state of Michigan (only 10 left—21 total); Florida (46 units) is sold out; 2 units in Denver and 1 in Austin (starting June 1).

SMB: What are your long-term goals for your franchise? How big do you want to grow your brand?

Mike: By January 2027 I want to have 300 franchisees servicing 60,000 homeowners annually with a valuation over $200 Million!

SMB: What advice do you have for people looking to franchise?

Mike: Make sure you have confirmed that you have a systemized and uniform process that can scale in multiple markets. Have a solid team.

SMB: Is there anything else you would like for us to share about you and/or your brand?

Mike: We are a disruptor to an industry that has followed old processes for decades. We are the Netflix of Residential Roofing, providing a completely virtual process – from start to finish.