April 24, 2024

Client Spotlight: Tipsy Scoop™

Melissa Tavss sampling boozy ice cream at the barlour.

Enjoying Signature Boozy Ice Cream.

Welcome to our “Client Spotlight,” featuring Melissa Tavss, the visionary force behind Tipsy Scoop™. Tipsy Scoop™ started in a New York City kitchen in 2014. It has transformed the frozen dessert world by mixing classic ice cream with the flair of craft cocktails. This innovation has brought a new level of enjoyment to ice cream enthusiasts. Tipsy Scoop™ stands out as a global pioneer in alcohol-infused ice cream. The company offers a captivating selection of boozy flavors, each as pleasing to the palate as it is Instagramable. Exploring the Tipsy Scoop™ story is to begin a voyage into a world of luxury, creativity, and steadfast dedication to delivering happiness with every serving.

SMB Franchise Advisors: In a few sentences, describe what your brand does and what your company is all about.

Melissa Tavss, Tipsy Scoop: Born in a New York City kitchen in 2014, Tipsy Scoop™ was one of the first alcohol-infused ice cream companies in the world. Our unique boozy flavors are as delicious as they are Instagrammable, combining the nostalgia of a scoop of ice cream with the indulgence of a craft cocktail.

SMB: What makes your service/product unique?

Melissa: All of our flavors are liquor-infused! Unlike baking or cooking with alcohol, none of the alcohol is cooked off in our production process- each scoop packs a punch of up to 5% ABV. Our flavors are inspired by our favorite drinks, like Cake Batter Vodka Martini and Mango Margarita Sorbet, so you can satisfy your sweet tooth and cocktail craving at the same time.

Colorful candy slices in a cocktail glass, sprinkles in another, with scoops of yellow ice cream and fresh fruit on a blue surface.

Dessert Meets Cocktail Hour

SMB: What inspired you to franchise your business?

Melissa: Since 2014, we’ve built a community of millions of loyal customers and social media followers. We decided to franchise Tipsy Scoop so other passionate entrepreneurs could help us serve up the fun and deliciousness of boozy ice cream in communities around the country and the world! Tipsy Scoop™ Barlours provide a boozy twist on the traditional ice cream shop experience: from our famous ice cream flights and over-the-top cocktail sundaes to special occasion event packages to limited edition collaboration flavors with some of the most well-known spirits brands. Our customers are loyal followers and will be so excited to finally find #tipsyscoop in their neighborhood!

SMB: Why did you partner with SMB Franchise Advisors?

Melissa: We partnered with SMB to be able to properly set up our franchise system! We loved their history of clients in the frozen dessert business and thought it was the perfect fit.

SMB: How many units did you have before SMB? Subsequently, how many units have you grown to since partnering with SMB?

Melissa: We had 3 stores in New York City before beginning to franchise. We now have locations in Washington D.C. and Nassau, Bahamas, with locations opening soon in Astoria, Queens, Portland, Oregon, and Phoenix, Arizona.

A woman at the counter of a barlour with boozy ice cream products on display.

The Innovative Barlour, Where Spirits Meet Scoops.

SMB: What are your long-term goals for your franchise? How big do you want to grow your brand?

Melissa: We decided to franchise to continue to be a first mover in the boozy ice cream category. If there is a boozy ice cream shop in your city, we want it to be a Tipsy Scoop! We also decided to franchise because of so many customer requests! Since opening our first Barlour in 2017, we have been flooded with franchise inquiries and customers wanting to open their own Tipsy Scoop store- we decided it was time to listen!

SMB: What advice do you have for people looking to franchise?

Melissa: Definitely do your research. Pick great partners like SMB and Internicola to work with who will get you set up properly for success!

SMB: Is there anything else you would like for us to share about you and/or your brand?

Melissa: At Tipsy Scoop we believe every day is a reason to celebrate. From Ice Cream Cocktail Mixology classes to catered events with our boozy ice cream push cart to our super Instagrammable boozy sundaes and flights, our goal is to indulge and delight customers with every scoop!

Four ice cream containers with labels indicating alcohol flavors: Spiked Espresso Coffee, Batter Up Vodka Martini, Chocolate Whiskey Caramel, and Strawberry Sangria Sorbet.

Savor the Buzz: Gourmet Alcohol-Flavored Ice Cream.